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John Parker of WWP is the Peace& Freedom Party candidate for US Senate

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• End the war on Black people. Solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Justice for Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego and all victims of police terror. Reparations now.
• No to racism and war on Muslims and all people of color. Jail Killer cops. 
• Abolish capitalism. Fight for socialist revolution. 
• Stop the deportations and war on immigrants. 
• Food, water, housing, education for all. 
• Defund the military. No imperialist and proxy wars from Palestine, Latin America to Haiti. Justice for the Ayotzinapa 43
• End the prison industrial complex. End mass incarcerations.
• LGBTQ liberation now.  Stop trans murders. Full rights for women.
• Change the system, not the climate. Immediate relief for victims of climate change.
• Full employment & jobs for all. 


John Parker is a long-time socialist who:

• Will introduce the Oscar Grant Bill to empower and allow Black & Brown communities the ability to remove police departments and use the resources to enable community-organized self-policing and self defense
• Has traveled and written extensively as an anti-imperialist, anti-war activist
• Long-time and well-known fighter against racism, police terror , for immigrant and workers rights




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Arab-Americans for Syria
Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front-L.A.
Freedom Socialist Party
Peace and Freedom Party
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Cynthia McKinney, Former U.S. Congresswoman

Cindy Sheehan, anti-war and anti-capitalist activist
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General
Gerald Horne, historian and author
Frank Dorrel - Addicted to War

James Lafferty, National Lawyers Guild
Alice Stek, M.D. - * USC School of Medicine
 * description for identification purposes only

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Solidarity action organized by Union del Barrio and the courageous High School Student organization at Santee - the Gay Straight Alliance

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